Girdles & Padding

Football America UK is proud to stock a wide selection of the highest quality padded football girdles and tops for both youth and adult players. Our collection features leading brands such as Nike, Riddell, and Champro, ensuring that you have access to top-tier products that offer both comfort and exceptional protection necessary to perform at a high level.

We understand the importance of finding padded girdles and tops that provide optimal comfort and safeguarding during intense gameplay. That's why our inventory comprises carefully curated options designed with advanced materials and innovative padding technologies, offering maximum protection without compromising mobility.

Whether you're a youth or adult player, our padded football girdles and tops are engineered to enhance your performance on the field while providing the necessary cushioning and impact absorption to keep you protected. With brands like Nike, Riddell, and Champro, renowned for their commitment to quality and player safety, you can trust that our products meet the highest standards.