Team Pricing


Team Pricing

We offer team and bulk discount pricing on a vast number of products throughout our range.

The amount or percentage of discount differs from product to product depending on how we source and buy our products. Our team pricing program allows our approved users to login to the website just like any other customer. Once logged in you will notice some (not all) of our product prices change. Some products have a minimum unit quantity required in order to qualify for the discounted prices, this will show on the product page once logged in. 

The Discounts

Our team pricing is calculated on percentage discounts. See below the percentage discount per product category. 

Helmets & Facemasks - 10% off
Shoulder Pads - 10% off
Footwear - 5% off
Gloves - 5% off
Footballs - 10% off
Flag Football - 10% off
Jerseys & Pants - 10% off
Girdles & Padding - 10% off

Exceptions - XTech Shoulder Pads 0% 

Apply for an Account

To register your interest in creating a Team Pricing account please use the application form below.
Our team will be in touch within 2 working days.