Team Store Setup Application


Apply for a Team Store

We're proud to supply custom team merchandise to over 300 teams in the UK and Europe.

By having a Team Store your team will receive £3 credit for every garment sold.
This is called 'Team Store Credit' and is automatically issued to your Team Store file. 
Team Store Credit can be used against team purchases for your club. 

How it works

1. Complete the application form below.
This gives us all the information we need to start building your store. 

2. Proof your garments
We'll send you a PDF proof of your garment designs.

3. Go Live!
Your team store is setup within 10 working days of club approval. 
A debit of £75 is added to your Team Store Credit file for the cost of the setup process. 

4. Spread the word!
We will promote your Team Store through our social media channels and provide you with a link to help promote your store to your players, coaches and fans.

5. Use that credit!
For every garment ordered £3 will be added to your Team Store Credit. Once the £75 setup charge is clear you can use the balance to purchase equipment for your team. 

Application Form

We need to ask a few questions regarding your team in order for our team to create your team store and customised garment range.

This should be the person in charge of overseeing your team store. Usually the HC or committee member.

Please select which garments you would like to sell on your team store from the range above. The prices and illustrations shown are based on 1 or 3 colour printing. If your logo/branding needs to include more than 3 colours then an additional charge per colour of £0.50 will be added to the product price.

Please ensure you upload a high resolution PDF version of your logo. We cannot accept JPG logos of low resolution.

Note: Football America UK creates team stores on the understanding that any teams making formal enquiries will be doing so with the express permission of the management of the club, and therefore have the right to use any club name or logos within the products.