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  • £6.00 - £11.00

Product Information

  • Attaches any Xenith facemask to Xenith X2/X2E and Epic helmets
  • Pack contains, 4 clear facemask clips, 4 long T-nuts and 4 screws
  • Includes facemask mounting instruction guide

Product Information

The Riddell Quick Release combo tool has multiple functions In Black or Red:

  • Installing and removing Riddell's Quick Release helmet face mask attachment systems
  • Loosening and tightening Riddell Speedflex Ratchet LocTM chin strap attachment system
  • Driving helmet bladder, faceframe and jaw pad values through helmet openings
  • Loosening and tightening Riddell Speedflex baldder valve caps

Product Information

Two types available with different length needles.  The Riddell pump has the short needle to use exclusively with Riddell helmets.  The Rawlings/Schutt pump has the longer needle for the current range of Rawlings & Schutt helmets.

NOTE: DO NOT use the longer needle pump with Riddell helmets, it will burst the bladders, which are expensive to replace!