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We offer high quality youth and adult football shoulder pads. Featuring Riddell, Rawlings, Schutt and our own brand. Football America is the premier online supplier of football shoulder pads. Football America also stocks top quality, position specific football shoulder pads to meet your individual needs.

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Junior Varsity version of the Power SPX. Recommended for Skilled positions. Ideal pad for the smaller adults, women and youth players. Comes with the protection of the top end Riddell Power SPX pad for the smaller player. Includes facort fitted back plate. Size: XS-Med

  • STAC Shoulder System
  • Short Swim Cut Arches
  • Flat Pad Design
  • Removable/Adjustable Back Plate
  • Air Management Liner System
  • Removable/Adjustable Bodies
  • Sewn-in Channels
  • Velvet Collar
  • Sizes: XS-M
  • Recommended positions: skilled positions
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Product Information

All XTECH knee pads sold as a pair.

Available in two sizes:-

Standard  - Small (145mm x 100mm x 5mm)

Skill  - Extra Small (120mm x 77mm x 5mm)

XRD® Technology combines the latest materials science with ultimate design capabilities. 

Soft and flexible to the touch, yet tough on impact – XRD® Technology is a lightweight, water-resistant and breathable material that’s engineered for repeated impact and shock absorption.

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