Team Grant Funding Opportunities

Football America UK are delighted to announce a new opportunity for teams to access expert advice in applying for Grant Funding that could help them with team equipment purchases.

We have teamed up with Sports Bucks, a bid writing company, to support clubs in exploring and securing appropriate funding streams.

If your club has a funding need, wants funding advice, or would like to understand how fundable they currently are, look no further.With our new partner Sports Bucks, we can offer all of those service and more, by combining our expertise in equipment, merchandise and uniform production and supply with the bid writing expertise of Sports Bucks.

With Sports Bucks and Football America UK, there are no hidden costs. We will work together to ensure that teams can access a free consultation with that will provide you with tailored funding options. Football America UK will put together your quote/invoice and Sport Bucks will assist you to write your application.

Once successful you get to spend every penny of your bid at everyday Football America UK prices, that you can see on our website!