Team Referral Code

How to enter your Team Referral Code.

The savings range from 5-10% on selected products. If your team has been issued with a Team Referral Code this entitles all players to our Team Pricing Program. Assigning your account to the Team Pricing Program is simple and automated if you know your Team Referral Code. 

How to use your Team Referral Code

1. Login to your account

Register or login to your Football America UK account by clicking here.


2. Go to 'My Account'

Once logged in click into the 'My Account' section here. Then click into 'My Additional Information' here.


3. Enter your Referral Code

Here you will see a section to enter your unique Team Referral Code. Simply enter the code and click the 'Save & Update' button.


4. Complete

If your code is valid you will now see reduced prices on selected products. You only need to assign your account once.


Terms of Use

We have a strict policy on our Team Pricing Program which forbids the use of any approved account to be used in conjunction with sales not relating to the account owner or associated team.
We reserve the right the cancel your order and issue you with a full refund if we deem your account to be being used incorrectly.
We may also cancel all other accounts associated with your team pricing.

Under no circumstances must you publicly provide your Team Referral Code to anyone outside your team. You are also not permitted to publicly share your code on any social networking platform or online media.

Failure to abide by these terms will result in immediate cancellation of your account, Team Referral Code and any open orders