Clearance Shoulder Pads

We offer high quality youth and adult football shoulder pads. Featuring Riddell, Rawlings, Schutt and our own brand. Football America is the premier online supplier of football shoulder pads. Football America also stocks top quality, position specific football shoulder pads to meet your individual needs.

Product Information

  • Fully integrated RipKord technology that allows rapid access to the player if the player is injured
  • Flat Pad design for low profile and improved mobility
  • STAC Shoulder System creates a protective bridge to channel impact energy away from the shoulder
  • BIOTHANE® brand webbing set the standard for performance and quality in protective sporting good. BIOTHANE® STAC stratps provide needed resiliency between the arch and shoulder for protection hit after hit
  • BIOTHANE® belts maintain the shape of the arch to dissipate the energy at impact
  • Air Management Liner System distributes impact energy throughout the whole liner within a sealed cushion of air
  • Swivel fronts
  • Removable Channels to optimize fit and pad height above the shoulder
  • Lay-flat body design with breathable body vents
  • Adjustable deltoids on specific models
  • Removable deltoids can be attached to the shell or body of the pad.
  • U.S. patent #'s; 7,506,384; 7,930,773; 8,087,102; and other patents pending

BIOTHANE® is a registered trademark of BioPlastics Company.


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