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Product Information

Two types available with different length needles.  The Riddell pump has the short needle to use exclusively with Riddell helmets.  The Rawlings/Schutt pump has the longer needle for the current range of Rawlings & Schutt helmets.

NOTE: DO NOT use the longer needle pump with Riddell helmets, it will burst the bladders, which are expensive to replace!

Product Information

  • Attaches any Xenith facemask to Xenith X2/X2E and Epic helmets
  • Pack contains, 4 clear facemask clips, 4 long T-nuts and 4 screws
  • Includes facemask mounting instruction guide

Product Information

The Riddell Quick Release combo tool has multiple functions In Black or Red:

  • Installing and removing Riddell's Quick Release helmet face mask attachment systems
  • Loosening and tightening Riddell Speedflex Ratchet LocTM chin strap attachment system
  • Driving helmet bladder, faceframe and jaw pad values through helmet openings
  • Loosening and tightening Riddell Speedflex baldder valve caps